Consulting and Engineering Competence

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Take a look at some of our previously completed projects.Because of the discrete treatment of our customer projects this list represents only a few of our services.

Gluelam factory, Germany

High efficient factory with the biggest output per line in Europe
Output: > 200.000 m³/year

Project responsibility:
Site selection • Product planning • Conceptual design • Feasibility study • Business plan • Master planning • Tendering • Detailed design • Assembly monitoring • Recruiting and education • Staff training • Startup • Sales support • Support of financing negotiations • Negotiations with authorities

Greenfield project of a wood processing centre, Eastern Europe

Planning a "Total Waste Free" wood processing centre, from harvesting to the optimized manufacture of engineered wood and solid wood elements for house construction (minimizing chips, saw dust and waste)
Output: >900.000 m³/year

Project responsibility:
Project guidance • Product development • Conceptual design • Feasibility study of different processing technique of chips and saw dust • Site and factory planning • Calculation and economic evaluation • Project management • Preparation of tender documents • Tendering and evaluation of bids

Projection of warehouse for semi-finished and ready products

Configuration of internal material transport and storage of wood products
Configuring a production-related material warehouse for semi-finished and finished goods

Project responsibility:
Capture the actual situation • Calculation of lot sizes and turnover rates • Create a logistics concept • Capacity planning and revenues • Factory planning • Costing and economic evaluation • Preparation of tender documents • Provide testing and documentation • Support the decision-making and implementation phase

Planning and Grading Line, Belgium

Flexible and high performance production line
Output: > 450.000 m³/year

Project responsibility:
Project development • Product planning • Conceptual design • Feasibility study • Tendering and bid coordination • Comparison of offers • Coordination of construction works • Installation management • Commissioning and staff training for high-performance sorting • Evaluation of drying kilns and staff training • Performance tests

Gluelam factory, Austria

New developed gluing press high profit line with high material yield
Output: > 25.000 m³/year

Project responsibility:
Development of a new gluing press • Implementing of a new glue system • Development of new laminated products • Factory planning • Assembly monitoring • Commissioning and staff training • Performance tests • Consulting

Project planning of drying kilns and progressive kilns

Individual project planning of kilns
Capacties: 15.000 m³/year – 225.000 m³/year

Project responsibility:
Project management • Calculation and interpretation of drying parameters • Capacity calculation • Factory planning • Assembly monitoring • Performance test and report

Project planning of CLT - Cross Laminated Timber - plants

Individual planning and design of manufacturing technology for the production of CLT-elements
Capacity: Middle up to high 25.000 m³/year – 150.000 m³/year

Project responsibility:
Product development • Consulting • Factory planning • Costing and profitability analysis • Preparation of tender documents • Project Management